Coo, Baby

IMG_0947 We may be nearing the end of the grumpy phase.  Raines is starting to
make coo sounds every once in a while!  SO cute!  I tried to get a
quick movie of him making his little coo sounds, but I turned the
camera on after he had been at it a while, so he was tired and quickly
dissolved back into cries.  I think he gets frustrated.  Anyway, check
out the new movie page.  I also added a few new photos — Raines in his
outfit from Grandma & Grandpa O, in his new bib from Lane, and in
his little outfit from Scotti & Sarah.  When I think about it, I’m
going to try and post pics of Raines in his little gift outfits.  The
picture above is Raines on his little sheepskin.  He LOVES it.  Who

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