The Grumps

IMG_0933 IMG_0945 IMG_0936

According to Dr. Spock, “crying tends to increase until about 6-8 weeks
old; then, mercifully, it begins to diminish.”  OMG.  I have anywhere
from 2-4 weeks to go until the diminishing point.  Raines has been a
very grumpy baby as of late.   The picture above (on the left) was
taken right after his bath.  He screamed through most of it, calmed
down and sat there with his grumpy look on his face.  We quickly
finished the bath (thinking he wasn’t enjoying it) and took him out –
TRAUMA.  I know he doesn’t like to be cold, but seriously!  What a mean
Mum I am.  Sigh.  Good thing he’s cute.  :)  The pic in the middle is
Mike trying to comfort him after work one day, and the pic on the right
shows Raines in his most comfortable position.  No idea why, but lately
he’s been comforted by that horrible back-bend.  I need to get this kid
to a yoga class.

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